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Liam Geyer

Liam Geyer

Cybersecurity Student at Penn State University Park

About Me #

I’m an integrated M.S. and B.S. Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations Major at Penn State University Park and I expect to graduate in 2025. Apart from being a full-time student working multiple jobs, I’m extremely passionate about SCUBA and underwater photography. I also maintain various personal projects such as the design of various mechanical keyboards.

What I do #

Competitive Cybersecurity Organization #

In addition to my coursework, I’m the Vice President of the Competitive Cybersecurity Organization (CCSO). I create and plan meetings, organize and run teams for defensive cybersecurity competitions, and manage other ad hoc projects such as our merchandise. CCSO brought me together with amazing friends and provided wonderful opportunities to travel and compete against other institutions.

Instructional Assistant - IST140 #

I currently serve as an Instructional Assistant for IST140, Introduction to application development. In addition to grading and providing feedback on programming assignments, I regularly hold office hours and provide a 1:1 environment for students to get help with the course.

Lynnhaven Dive Center #

I’ve been diving since age 10 with LDC, and now serve as a full-time sales associate, and divemaster during the summer. As a divemaster I lead open-water dives, assist with course instruction, and work with individuals in the water. As someone passionate about the underwater world, I enjoy sharing my experience with others and helping them along their own SCUBA adventures.